Choosing a registrar to buy a domain name from is entirely your own decision. While domain name management activities and facilities are almost the same across various domain name registrars, domain pricing differs significantly. Besides competition, many other factors are contributing to this variation in pricing. It’s imperative that you get to know these factors to ensure that you get the most competitive domain prices without falling into a trap. This piece explores the reasons why domain names are available on the cheap and why it might be a marketing gimmick to entice you into a trap that might be hard to get out of.

cheap domain name registration

Most registrars offer cheap domain name registration, but you have to pay for add-ons

An accustomed domain name owner would tell you that most registrars offer cheap domain name registration or even the chance to register domain name free since they only provide the basic domain name registration services. Buying a domain name from them means you’ll not enjoy the additional services, plus they offer minimal domain name management options. They charge you an extra fee for add-on services like WHOIS privacy protection, domain name forwarding and masking, email forwarding, Domain Name Servers (DNS) and much more. If you get a registrar that offers these services for free without hidden charges, then it’s prudent to buy a domain name from them. However, if they charge extra for these add-on services, you might want to consider what you’re getting in return before deciding to buy from them.

When you decide to buy a domain name on the cheap, check out the renewal fees

check out the renewal feesMany registrars list domain names with insanely low prices as a marketing gimmick to motivate as many customers as possible to register domain names on their websites. They don’t take the initiative to explicitly tell customers what the renewal charges for the domains will be. Customers are later stunned to find out that the renewal fee is actually more than or double the registration fee. These registrars hide the domain name registration price hikes in the fine prints where they know most customers don’t read. This is why you should do meticulous research when choosing a registrar to buy a domain from. Take time to read their terms and conditions and fine prints to the very end to know about renewals and other add-ons just to be on the safe side.

Beware of reseller discounts when looking to buy a domain name

Most online business owners like to buy domain names from reseller websites to dodge the rigorous process of domain name registration or because resellers’ prices are pocket-friendly. Some of these resellers are able to offer cheap domain names because they get huge discounts from registrars. The truth is that the commitments concerning domain renewals, add-on services, and other benefits almost always compensate for those heavy discounts or surpass them. This is why you should do a thorough analysis of buying from a reseller vs. Buying from a registrar to prevent the possibilities of being short-changed.

Bundle pricing is the reason web hosts let you register domain name free

register domain name freeBundle pricing has become a common trend for most web hosting providers to garner more customers than competitors. The providers offer rock-bottom domain prices or offer the opportunity to register domain name free if you buy a domain name from them and host it on their servers. However, the add-ons may cost you money. If you choose to abandon the add-on services, the renewal prices will go slightly higher than the registration price. These web hosts offer cheap domains to promote their owns products, and if you don’t factor that in those, you may find that buying a domain name from registrars may be cheaper than taking that bundled package. If you like convenience, then the bundled package is well worth it.

This are some tips that you must know and be aware of when looking on cheap domains, but if what you have in mind is a long term project, then you can always try some “all in one” e-commerce sites that will help you creating your own domain name and check it’s availability, thus this will make your investment worthwhile. To find out more on domains generators and domains availability check this out.

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