What is domain name registration agreement? Read this article and discover everything you need to know including registration applications and impact on other services!


The domain name registration agreement is submitted by an entity or an individual (the license holder and official owner of the domain name) to a special organization for the purpose of becoming the official licensee of a specific TLD or top-level domain name.

The domain name registration agreement discloses the applicable terms and conditions conducting all domain registrations, renewals, pre-registrations, and etc. When submitting this agreement, you agree you have read, acknowledge, understand, and agree to be bound by this Domain Name Registration Agreement.

Here are the Registration Applications you should know about:

  • You agree that a reservation or a registration of a domain doesn’t allow any legal rights of official ownership of the relevant domain and doesn’t discuss immunity from registration or utilization of the domain.
  • If you submit an application for registration or for pre-registration of the domain, the organization doesn’t make or provide any guarantee or representation that the domain will be secured for you. In offering such services, the organization may use third-party service providers and by doing so, some applications may be completed manually. However, there are no representations or guarantee that the applications will be completed within any specific timeframe or any specific result will be accomplished.
  • You agree that the organization does not guarantee that any pre-registration or domain name registration will be successfully reserved or registered by the applicable registry. You agree and acknowledge that you will not make any action in respect of any pre-registration, domain name registration or until the successful reservation or registration of the domain is confirmed to you.

When it comes to the termination and impact on other services, you should know that:

  • You acknowledge and agree that this Domain Name Registration Agreement is terminated by any party or in a case when the domain is transferred to another domain name registrar or expired, any other services related to the domain may stay active. The services that are active will proceed to be billed in accordance with the current relevant terms and conditions.

We hope that this article was helpful and that you have managed to learn more about the process of registering a domain name and the importance of domain name registration agreement!