There are domain name registration scams everywhere! Read this article and discover how to protect yourself and avoid undesirable domain name registration offers!


There are letters that look like a document and state a certain domain name is available. Believe it or not, these documents are one of the biggest scams online. The letter may be taken to be an invoice or a renewal notice for a current domain name you are using. However, this is a scam and offers a new domain name and associated services and has nothing to do with the domain name you are currently using.

A lot of businesses received these letters and they paid, not realizing exactly what they have paid for. Some thought they were buying a new domain name and some thought they were renewing their domain. You can’t blame yourself for making a mistake, however, it is important to learn from the mistake and know that letters dealing with domain name registration or domain name renewal should be read and checked carefully.

If you are interested to buy a domain name, our recommendation is to buy from a reliable and reputable domain name registrar. If you want to renew your current domain, the best way to do it is to contact your official domain name registrar.

Here is how these domain name scams work:

  • You receive a letter that contains the words domain name available or something similar.
  • The letter looks like an invoice or renewal notice and contains features like payment options, credit card payment logos, and sometimes barcodes.
  • The letter is not a notice for domain name renewal but it is actually an offer for a new domain.
  • You pay without realizing that it is not related to the current domain name you are using.

In order to protect yourself, you need to carefully read and check the information of the letter to ensure the billing is the one you usually deal with, try to look for small differences in the name or in the logo. Also, you need to ensure that you have understandable and clear procedures for paying, verifying, and managing invoices and accounts.

If your online business and domain are important to you, make sure to consider registering a domain name with an official and reliable domain name registrar. If you think the letter you’ve received is a scam, make sure to report it!


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